Sunday, November 23, 2008

Halloween 2008
So for Halloween this year Addie dressed up as Padme (for those of you who are not into Star Wars that would be princess Leia's mother). The girls and Mike watched the Star Wars series this summer and fell in love with it. Mike and I have always been fans but this was all new to the girls. I think we were both surprised how they took to it. Lysie was origionally planning on dressing up as princess Leia but then change and wanted to be a Ballerina, butterfly, fairy, baby bunny. Don't ask, I don't think she could decide on on thing. We did Trunk or Treat on the Saturday before Halloween and it was cold so the girl both had turtlenecks on and by Halloween it had warmed up so that they both went with out. I know they're hard to recognize with their bangs slicked back but that's them. Actually since then Addie has decided she wants to grow her bangs out.

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