Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Wing Ding 5K

So last weekend I finished my second 5k. My goal for my first race was just to finish it. So after finishing my race in August I added another day to my running schedule and continued to train. So my whole goal for this race was to get a little faster. A few things unfortunately were a little off. First, I thought it would be a good idea to have protein bar so that I wasn't running on empty. Bad idea, I ended up nauseous for the whole first half of the race. Next time I won't be eating anything till after the race I obviously get way too nervous for food. After the first mile my time was 11 mins 45 seconds and I thought I was doing pretty good but then I kept waiting for the second mile marker but it never came. Well I shouldn't say never it finally came but it seemed like forever and when I looked at my watched it showed 32 mins. I freaked out and just started running faster and I started passing people up. About a 1/2 a mile later maybe less I saw the 3 mile marker and realized I might be able to beat my time although I wasn't sure how much time had passed so I ran as fast as I could and came in at 37 min 13 sec. I was so excited. Then about an hour later the girls and I ran a 1k for kids. Addie had so much fun. Lysie not so much she kept complaining that her legs her but when I asked her if she wanted to stop and walk she said "NO". She would not quit. She ran the whole way and was happy when it was over. I have a feeling Addie will be running more races with me but Lysie not so much!

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Blah la blah blog log said...

Great job! You were insane on that last mile! That is funny. :)
I can't eat when I jog either. Maybe a part of a banana but that is about it and I have to be starving to do that.
Tell the girls they did fantastic!